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The Ethio Sugar Manufacturing Industry Share Company plans to participate in the bidding of the eight state - owned sugar enterprises.
As per the Ministry of Finance’s investment teaser introductory notes, the government of Ethiopia has started the sugar sector reform aiming at to increase private sector participation in the ownership and operation of sugar enterprises.
The key plan of the economic reform is to ensure the most efficient use of the national resources by shifting towards a competitive market structure.
The factories and projects to be on bid includes Omo Kuraz 1, Omo Kuraz 2, Omo Kuraz 3, Omo Kuraz 5, Arjo Dedessa, Kessem, Tana Beles, and Tendaho (together the “Sugar Enterprises”).
The note of the Ministry reiterated that the tendering process presents an excellent investment opportunity for interested investors to acquire up to 100% of the Sugar Enterprises, most of which are newly constructed factories.
As per the details of the teaser that the enterprises on bid have adequate water and conducive cane growing conditions and will be transferred to the private sector free of long-term debt. The investment will provide access to a market in a fast-growing sector with growing consumer demand and the opportunity to export to regional and overseas markets.

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