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The Ethio-Sugar Manufacturing Industry S.C is a newly incorporated share company with a vision to take ownership and revitalize the operations of the established public sugar estates. Due to the delay of privatizing of sugar state in particular point in time, the Ethio Sugar have changed focus and reset its focus to South Ethiopia, Omo Valley Farm to begin with green field on sugar project.

The objective of the present project is to take the ownership of the Wonji/Shoa and Methara sugar complex, and if not Omo Kuraz as a second optional plan via Government of Ethiopia’s privatization program; enhance the productivity of the complex by means of improving the technical management of the sugar estates.

The company to take the leading role in this endeavor shall be Ethio-Sugar Manufacturing Industry S.C established by senior sugar technology experts’ group who claim themselves as close stakeholders and have keen interest for the well-being of the society who has been dependent on the sugar estate for decades for their livelihood. Thus, apart from business objectives, the envisaged business has the objective of re-instating the previous glory of the sugar complex.

In relation to this the share company engaged Technical Team to investigate the technical feasibility and financial viability of owning the stated Omo valley Farmand consequently formulate initial Business Plan that can serve as guideline in the ownership and management takeover process.

Accordingly Technical Team reviewed the various components and aspects of the sugar estate which has direct relationship for carrying out viability test and also formulation of business plan. The main issues addressed in this regard are the following:

  • While trying to investigate the current status of the Omo valley Farm, we have been able to discover that the Omo valley farm is in jeopardy with regard to maintaining the productivity potential of the sugar estate in terms meeting the design capacity of the mill that is planned to be installed. And the area suitable for sugarcane farming and exportable oil seeds and pulses.
  • The total area currently under Omo valley farm Cooperation P.LC. is in the order of 10,000 ha which is 100% of what is required to run the installed mill at full capacity. But the Mill has a capacity of expanding to 5000TCD (now the prior design covers 3500 TCD which enables to produce One Million quintals of Sugar per annum), so Technical Team estimated the total area to be covered by cane plantation to be in the order of 12,000 ha. Hence, it is highly essential to identify the area which can accommodate the expansion of the project. And it’salso a requirement to find additional 2000 ha of development area by way of organizing other out growers scheme,  and in the long run the land owned by the out growers will be evaluated in order to be considered as kind contribution for Shareholding;
  • The farm requires to undertake holistic revitalization and rehabilitation program for effective turnaround and bring back productivity level the machineries.

Product description:

  • Sugar (refined and brown),
  • Confectionaries (‘Desta’ candy)
  • Ethanol, alcohol, perfume, pulp and paper
  • Electrical energy generation, aquaculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, Training and consultancy on sugar technology, and Eco-Tourism.


To be an excel industrial hub (center of excellence) of East Africa in 2030.

Our Mission

  • To become growth partner of clients by providing efficient, cost effective and timely logistic services


Core values

  • We believe in treating our shareholders and stakeholders with respect and trust
  • We grow through due industriousness, creativity, invention and collaboration.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Guiding principles

  • Ensuring center of excellence in sugar technology.
  • And again Play a leading role in Para sugar activities.
  • Improving the livelihood of the society through business intervention and corporate social responsibility.
  • Ensure ownership of the company through share subscription to WonjiShoa, and Methara Sugar Industry workers, Farmers, Civil servants and business persons in the area.

Business Information

  • Business Name:Ethio Sugar Manufacturing Industry Share Company
  • Registration: Registered by Ministry Of Trade and Industry in Ethiopia, on October 19 2018 with registration no of MT/AA/3/0047019/2011
  • Business Address:Addis Ababa, Wereda 3, Bole – Genete Lemat Bldg 5th Floor

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